Monday, March 10, 2014

Lenten Photo Challenge Day 5- Wilderness

The Israelites, Daniel Boone, the Union Army ouside Chancellorsville - these all had experiences of traveling in the wilderness. Each was trying to reach a destination, but there were no roads or clearly marked paths to follow. If faced with the area in this picture, I would wonder just what I might find in there or on the other side.

In our modern world we have clearly marked roads and GPS systems on our cell phones, in our cars and even on wrist watches which will give directions to any place one would choose to go.

So why do we still feel lost sometimes? I often feel like I am in a modern technology wilderness! There are no clear paths or even directions for traveling the multiple computer, internet, etc roads. When I was using my first computer, the school technician told me to just "jump in and do something". I could not hurt anything that he would not have been able to fix! The students all had that same attitude and they would just start pushing keys!

I still like to have directions laid out, so exploring an unknown wilderness is not appealing to me. Thankfully God has given me those directions through his word - and many paths show me how to get to my ulitmate destination in heaven and God's promise.  The Bible, church, family, friends, helping others, praying - each plays a part in keeping me on God's path through my personal wilderness.

As I write this, my father is going in for a second surgery for a broken hip and this time he is considered a high risk patient. I am praying that God will continue to guide my mother, brother and sisters and me through the unknown at this moment.  Traveling through this "medical wilderness" for the past month has kept me focused on God's promises and the certainty that He will lead us on the right path through it all.

By the way, the picture above was taken from my front steps, looking out at our front yard - I know the neighbors on the other side :-)

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