Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lenten Photo Challenge Day 2 - Prepare

Day two and I am already behind - I have not been able to adequately "Prepare"!

This winter has been full of weather surprises for us. It has been exceptionally cold. More snow and ice have fallen than in the past 3 years. We like to be "prepared" for the cold with a pile of firewood for the wood stove. It feels good to look on the deck and see the woodpile full. Right now, however, there is an empty space. We will need to refill our supply before the next snowstorm comes. Once it starts snowing, it will be too late to easily move wood.

Life is much easier when we are prepared. We often complain that "I'm not prepared for..." when troubles come our way. However, learning God's word through the Bible provides help and direction. We do have a place to go for advice, support and comfort. The more we study His Word,  the better prepared we will be to handle life's challenges. And the comfort I get from reading the right passage at the right time is a hug from heaven, reminding me that God does know about me!

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