Friday, March 21, 2014

Lenten Photo Challenge Day 13 - Wind

Can you see the wind? I always asked this question to my kindergarten classes each March.  In Mirandy and Brother Wind,  written by Patricia McKissack, Jerry Pinkney drew the wind as a jolly man who enjoys disturbing various outside activities. After reading Gilberto and the Wind , by Marie Hall Ets, the students made their own illustrations of wind. We used dark construction paper and lightly pulled white chalk across their pictures. Now they could "see" the wind.

While we cannot see the wind, we can see the results of wind - cool skin on a hot, summer's day; dry laundry hanging on a clothes line; destruction after a tornado or hurricane.

While we cannot see God or the Holy Spirit, we can see the results of God in our lives - comfort in a moment of distress, the correct answer to a decision we did not know how to make, loving families and friends around us.

The wind is real -  I do not need to see something with my eyes to know that it exists. God is real - I do not need to see with my own eyes to know that God exists.

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