Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lenten Photo Challenge Day 22 - Fight

Fight is a subject that is hard for me to photograph. We had a tree come down and block our road in the subdivision last week. The snow was too heavy for it. Our neighbor needed to get to work and knocked on our door looking for a chainsaw, before we knew it was down.  I thought at the time that some people may have become irate and in "fighting" mode at a time like this. We were thankful that our neighbor was totally understanding and stayed to help while the tree was cut up. (Two others also showed up to help move the branches so the neighbor could be on the way to work.)

In the Bible I have learned that "fight" can have a different meaning. It can mean standing up for what is right as in the Christian songs "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" and "Onward, Christian Soliders".

While God tells us to be kind, it is also important to know when a fight is warranted. We should never give in to make someone happy if it is at the expense of God's word. The OLd Testament has many instances when fights and battles were done at God's direction.

In today's world we may be faced with many fighting instances. We need to be sure our battle is God's battle and not our personal fight. Then we can be confident that right is on our side.

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