Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lenten Photo Challenge Day 24 - See

When I first saw this word, I was not sure what to say that would be different from the previous word - blind. Then I realized that I have been having trouble with my vision recently. I can no longer see clearly at any distance and have eye surgery scheduled this month.

I am thankful that I have still been able to do the quilt making that I enjoy. It is a hobby where vision is important. However, my mother-in-law also truly enjoyed quilting for many years. She was active with the Ladies' Aid group at church and found time to make bed quilts for her grandchildren as well. These she always wanted to do by herself, since some of her friends did not quilt with the same skill she did! Over time her sight deteriorated and she had to give up her quilting. However, one day (at the assisted living home where she lived) she commented that it was good to be needed - one of the ladies quilting there had dropped a needle and could not bend down to pick it up. Mom could not see the needle, but she was agile enough (at 90 years old!!) to get on the floor and follow their directions - "Over to your left, now just a little bit further, no go back a little..." and she got the needle!

This quilt is one I made for her to use at the assisted living home so she had a homemade quilt as she had given so many to others over the years. I now use it and think of her often when quilting or sitting under the quilt.

May we all SEE the value of our lives as we live through each phase of our lives. Rmember that God sees us in and through each circumstance we face - good and bad. Attributed to Helen Keller, this sentence sums up "see" - "Life's most beautiful things are not seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart."

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