Thursday, January 30, 2014

I got it finished!

My first UFO for 2014 is finally completed. This is one that should have been done in 2013, but since it is now quilted, I am counting it as my January entry at 52 quilts. Marti always says that we can make our own rules, and I consider this a finished UFO for 2014 :-)

Now to see what is chosen for February!


  1. Stunning quilt! I can't wait till we put up the addition and I have a craft room. You commented on my blog about the Create a Critter shaped card(s). Most any card can be welded in the Gypsy to make a shaped card as long as they have a large enough area to weld the 'hinge' CAC cartridges have some of the best for those kind of cards, though I have made several from other carts. This is my favorive, though naturall now for OWH because of the glitter

    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  2. Well done I like the farm style blocks

    Cheers Pauline