Sunday, January 19, 2014

A New Challenge for 2014

I plan to continue the challenge over at 52 Quilts to complete a UFO quilt each month again. I was able to take care of 10 items last year, so I am willing to try in 2014.  More about the quilting in the next post.

THEN, I found another challenge at the Jingle Belles website. Here they challenge people to make a Christmas card each week, and provide sketches or ideas to follow. The idea is that we should have 50 or so cards ready for Christmas mailing!

Here is my first card, although it was done for the second challenge!

I am looking forward to making a variety of cards that can be used for Christmas or just winter notes.


  1. well done, you, finishing 10 quilting projects last year! that's amazing!!! how exciting that you're turning your skills to cards this year, as well, and we're honored to have you come and make some xmas cards with us at JINGLE BELLES! love your snowflake inchies (especially since they are my FAVORITE color!!!) and the bold, colorful, quilty feeling of this lovely card! one down... just think how FUN your december will be!!! :) :) :)

    1. Thank you, Lauren - I am looking forward to a very productive year of cards, AND I plan to make extras each time for Operation Write Home. I can use the same sketch and simply use different papers.

  2. Cute card! I may have to check out this site - at least I'd have a bunch of Christmas cards done!

  3. Karen, that is exactly what I was thinking. I finally realized they all do not have to be the same :-)

  4. Love those fun happy colors ... such a joyous design ... so glad you're celebrating a Merry LITTLE Christmas with us at Jingle Belles.

  5. I love your pink snowflakes! I can't imagine what my backyard would look like all pink though but it surely would make me smile as your card does.