Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quilting finishes again

July was busy, but I did take a few days for quilting. I have a list of quilt/sewing projects that I want to make, and kitchen items are on there. I was able to start and finish two cardinal placemats this month, since I used them to practice machine quilting!

The second finish is my watercolor laptop quilt that will now be a tablecloth! It was started about ten years ago, and I knew I needed to do more machine quilting to ever get it done. While the top worked out well, the back is not ready for showing! I know this is one for me to keep, and it shows that I still need to do a lot more practicing on machine quilting. I do like it, however!!


  1. Love how the colors radiate out into richer hues from the lighter center!

  2. That is the idea for watercolor quilts. I did not get all the subtle hues right on this one, but good practice.