Saturday, July 25, 2015

Forty Years and Counting!

July 12, 1975 was our wedding day. It was a "cold day in July" that year! I am so blessed to have had these past 40 years with such a wonderful man - God truly did bring us together for life.

We typically have not given each other presents for anniversaries, birthdays, etc. This year we decided to do something special for us, however. We took off for a few days and did not leave the state! We headed to several places that we have been driving past, and always said "we need to stop there sometime". Knowing us, we do not easily stop when headed to a destination, so we made local places our destinations.

First stop was Agecroft Hall, in Richmond, VA. This is a reconstructed English Tudor house that was falling down over in England. In the late 1920s it was taken apart, pieces were salvaged, and put back together here in Richmond. While the entire house was not in good shape, Agecroft Hall shows the style and workmanship of old England.

The next day we went to Colonial Heights, VA, and the Keystone Tractor Museum. Wayne had seen this place from I-95 and so it was his pick! Except for being hot (no air conditioning in there), it was really a neat place. The number of tractors was overwhelming, plus cars and trucks on display. The owner has hundreds of restored tractors and trucks (he owned a trucking company). However, we did not find our International 706!

After a stop in Farmville, where our daughter went to school at Longwood College (back then! Now it is Longwood University), we stopped in Appomattox, VA. Wayne had never been there, although I had taken our kids years ago when he was at a meeting in the area. 

 Charley's riverfront restaurant, meals from our past!

Appomattox, VA

On the way home the next day, we drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway - another first! We had been on Skyline Drive a few years ago, but never the Parkway.

Our last stop was at Cyrus McCormick's Farm in Raphine, VA. It is managed by Virginia Tech and a very low key stop. There was a good walk to a wetlands area, as well as the original mill on the farm and information about McCormick and his reaper.

We both agree that our travels this year have made us realize how much we have to see in our immediate area, as well as throughout the United States. 

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