Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, St. Louis!

Recently St. Louis, Missouri has been in the news throughout the country. It is not the most positive situation there, so I want to showcase a happier view of my birth city. (There are MANY photos.)

We went back to visit family and to go to a tractor pull at the Washington Town and Country Fair. Wayne had been on the fair board for many years before we moved to Virginia, so it  was nostalgic to visit together. (When we were there I was a "fair widow" as my brother-in-law said. We did not see Dad from days before the fair until the day after the fair ended.) His view of the fair was very different than the view that the kids and I have.

Well, this is also the 250th anniversary of the founding of St. Louis and there are 251 birthday cakes placed throughout the metropolitan area. I was hoping to see ten of the cakes, but only got to eight so far. (Maybe we should plan a trip in the fall to find more!)
Outside Maritz, Inc., where Mom worked many years ago, Fenton, MO
Outside the Franklin County courthouse, Union, MO

 World Bird Sanctuary, Valley Park, MO

Lone Elk Park, Valley Park, MO

Endangered Wolf Center, Eureka, MO

Kirkwood Train (Amtrack) Station, Kirkwood, MO

Magic House, Kirkwood, MO

Washington Historical Society, Washington, MO

Now that we are back home, for a little bit, it is time to get back to quilting, reading, my new Cricut Explore, and writing up my picture of the day album. I am only 6 weeks behind in that!! Photos are printed, but the journaling cards are all empty.

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