Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time for Books!

Another one of my activities in retirement was to spend time reading! It is still difficult to take time during the day to just sit and read, no matter how much I enjoy it. I do find myself using the local library more often, since I do not have my personal school library anymore.
    I still favor children and young adult books though. I just finished one I must recommend to anyone who has a love of children's  literature - Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, by Chris Graabenstein. It is exciting in a Bookworm kind of way. Besides the story and plot, titles from many children's books are used in the story - a wonderful test for elementary librarians!!

Then I got an email about the 2013 Picture Book Month celebration coming in October. Click on the Ambassador badge in the column on the right to learn more about the wonderful way to explore, enjoy and enrich children's stories with young ones.

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  1. Since having a brain injury I cannot concentrate long enough to read a book but I have found the wonderful world of audio books. Hubby and I are now hooked and have heard all the books in our local libary.

    Cheers Pauline