Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good bye August!

Come, September - I am ready for moving forward. August has not been the most productive month for me. I began with high hopes for the August quilt challenge - I had started a stained glass quilt (paper piecing 12" blocks) years ago. I needed to make the 4th section of a block and it would be the third one completed. As I looked at the three finished parts, I noticed they were slightly different in size than the paper pattern piece I was going to use.(Yes, I know there are only 3 here - I really did throw them away.)

   Sooo, thinking smartly (or so I thought) I went to the scanner and made a new copy of the pattern. Went upstairs, made the 4th block and - it did not match the first 3 squares!! So I went to the computer, printed another copy of the original scans I had done, made the square and ....still did not fit! Then I did the only thing I could - threw it on the floor and started completely over.
   I looked at the other two blocks that were completed and realized they were 1/2 inch different in size! Time to REALLY start over. I got the pattern book, chose 12 block patterns and spent the rest of the afternoon scanning and printing for a new quilt.

   My August challenge has now turned into a block of the month quilt (or 2 blocks a month) and I will add it the stack of UFOs for 2014!!!  Here are the August blocks, CORRECT size!

Added to the sewing frustrations were some unexpected health situations that will need to be addressed in the upcoming months and I am ready for September.


  1. Some times things just don't go to plan, Irene - I do love those blocks - I don't think I've ever seen a pieced stained glass pattern before - very intriguing.
    and i do hope you sort out your health problems.
    (I popped over here via Aunt Marti)