Monday, July 22, 2013

May and July Quilt Pictures

Here are my pictures of the finished quilts for May and July. The first is one I started in 2007 with a pattern from the Quilting page-a-day calendar. It was one of my first attempts at paper piecing. While I am glad I made this quilt, I have not really had an interest in doing more paper piecing!

For July my quilt was one that I started from the beginning. When we were in Alaska last year I bought a pattern for a wall hanging as my souvenir from the trip. I now have the top done, but I think it will be best to save the quilting for one of my challenges in 2014!

The weather is still quite warm here, so I am spending extra time in the house. At least it is giving me more time to work on these projects. 


  1. Love your Alaskan quilt Irene. What a great souvenir for you!

  2. I got halfway into retirement at the beginning of the year and am really loving more time to sew. Your project from your Alaska trip is awesome. Love the colors that all came together. What a wonderful page-a-day project too! Sandi

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through your joining Rinda' s photo scavenger hunt, which I am also doing. I am also a quilter and a scrapbooker, and retired with lots of time that I'm totally wasting. I'm hoping following you will inspire me to get back to my passions. Your quilts look wonderful, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.