Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year! or Happy 2015 anyway!

It looks like time really ended for me back in August! I am not even going to try and go over the last 4 months! The things that I do  remember include the following.

In September I had arthroscopic knee surgery.  As soon as I recovered from that it was time for the Sprick Sibling reunion and we headed to Nashville, Tennessee. From there we were in St. Louis to visit my parents for a very short trip.

November brought home remodeling - we replaced all the carpet on the upper floor, which meant three bedrooms, the hallway, and the main steps. After preparing for the promised installation day, we learned that a guaranteed 72 hour installation is not guaranteed!! The carpet had to be ordered (not told to us at the store, and not mentioned on the label on the carpet sample which said "72 hour installation guaranteed"!

Then came December and all the holiday activities. In January we went to San Diego for the American Farm Bureau's annual convention.

Here are just a few photo highlights of the end of 2014.

This was one of our activities with the Sprick siblings.

During the carpet removal, we had all items out of the bedrooms upstairs - they wound up downstairs or in the bathrooms - where ever I could put stuff!!

Our December fun included taking our grandchildren on a tour of the Christmas lights in our area. We always like to see these tractors lit up, with the first one taking the role of Rudolph!
Then we were able to go to the Tuba Christmas concert at the shopping mall. Last year it was cancelled due to bad weather. It was really a great experience, made more enjoyable since we shared it with friends who are musical! He is a past high school band director and taught us about the tuba instrument family.

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